Who we are

Chandler’s Ford Help was formed at the very start of the COVID-19 Crisis of 2020. It is for the good people of Chandler’s Ford to get together to help our older and vulnerable neighbours in our community during the COVID-19 outbreak.

What we do

We help with shopping, collect prescriptions, pet care, lend friendly ears and generally just check that our neighbours are on the radar and won’t go without.

We also can help with various things like changing a light bulb, cutting peoples lawn, taking a letter/parcel to the post office, or anything you may need. 

How does it work?

  1. You contact us asking for Help
  2. The co-ordinator assign the task to a volunteer
  3. The volunteer receives the information required to complete the task
  4. The volunteer makes contact with you and provide the service
  5. You can provide us with feedback

Get involved

Become a volunteer

You can get involved registering as a volunteer.

Make a donation

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or help us with food and supplies for our benefactors.

We have a Go Fund Me Page to raise vital money to support the elderly and vulnerable.

What we heard from you

This is the feedback we received so far. You can add yours using the Feedback Form

You are all doing such good work

Thanks so much to the lady who picked up the prescription and other item for me today.

You are all doing such good work xx

Thanks from Eastleigh Basics Bank

We are very grateful for this gift, which will be used to support our clients who are experiencing a food crisis at this time.

Please pass on our thanks to all who contributed.

We are continuing with our self isolation

A big thank you to you all for organising and collecting our medication.

We are continuing with our self isolation to protect ourselves, as well as the NHS.

We would be stuck without the Volunteers

I would just like you to pass on our thanks to your volunteers who have been delivering my prescriptions and our groceries.

Your help is very much appreciated at this difficult time

Many thanks to the volunteer who collected and delivered my prescription. Your help was very much appreciated at this difficult time.

Such a valuable and selfless service to the community

We are very grateful for all the assistance.

All of you are doing a great job. Such a valuable and selfless service to the community.

Prescription Help

Thank you for collecting and delivering our prescriptions. I find it hard to ask, but your volunteers are so caring and make it so easy to ask for help.
THANK YOU to you all .


Splendid job in helping me and my husband

Convey my grateful thanks to your volunteers.

They do a splendid job in helping me and my husband during this difficult time.

You make our life soooo easy

You make our life soooo easy – you must be lovely people – xxx

A Huge Thank-you

We just wanted to say “A Huge Thank-you” for your assistance with delivering our prescriptions, during this very difficult time.

Thanks you for all your help

Once again I would like to thank you for all your help, and an even bigger thanks to all your volunteers it really is appreciated.

I’ll give an extra loud clap for you tonight!

Many thanks to your group.

I’ll give an extra loud clap for you tonight!

Many thanks for your help

Many thanks for your help.

Delivered super fast, thanks a million.

Thanks from Counsellor Chandler’s Ford Division, Hampshire County Council

I’ve received positive feedback from people you’ve been helping and would be grateful if you could pass on my sincere thanks to all of your volunteers for their time and dedication in helping the more vulnerable in our local community. If I can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.
Wishing you and everyone at Chandler’s Ford Help a happy and safe new year.

With best wishes,

Judith G.

Cllr. Judith Grajewski BSc. MRPharmS. (HCC - Chandler’s Ford Division & Executive Member for Public Health and Supporting Families Programme)

The system works very well indeed

We joined with a neighbour at the start of the CF Help scheme for help with weekly shopping, as we are all well beyond the age when we are expected to stay at home.

Thank you so much for the kind offer

I would just like to say how wonderfully kind of your group to be thinking of a large group in the area.

Big Thank You

Just to say a very big thank you for organising the collection of my prescription last Thursday. It was very much appreciated.

My day was made brighter by your kindness

I have no way of getting to a supermarket and rely on my lovely neighbours, but there’s a limit to how much I ask them! On a day when I was feeling low, missing my late husband, my day was made brighter by your kindness.